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I agree with the article in general but it takes some logical shortcuts which weakens its argument.

The parasitic class doesn't print money directly into their own pocket, they do it in a roundabout way. Central bankers and politicians direct the printer at friendly corporations and form a symbiosis with executives for favors, bribes, competition-limiting regulation and employment opportunities.

The tragedy of the commons wrt over-hunting/fishing would not magically solve itself by removing the licensing. It's a human vs animal population size thing, bad apples don't care about over-hunting etc.

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I will add in addition to this article, a guide about how to achieve this sovereignty, the full sovereignty with Bitcoin:


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Bitcoiner needs to feature 3D printing gun enthusiasts, I think that will be a very interesting intersection, you can be sovereign, but if bunch of criminals point gun at your head of your loved ones', you can lose that sovereignty easily, the reality is, the world is still ruled by sword. I think a podcast with one of those cool 3D printing gun channels will be very interesting. PrintShootRepeat, HoffmanTactical, just to name a few.

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this is the way!

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