A MANIFESTO Why are you here? You will soon find out your true power…get ready brothers and sisters… Many decades ago I wrote a short paper during my brief initial attempt at higher education. The professor called it “A Manifesto” and I never understood the meaning until rather…
Given we are near the bottom of a bear market, your friends and family probably see you as an idiot. It's foolish, but your FIAT peers’ perception about…
You hear it all the time. “The Bitcoin rabbit hole is bottomless”. If you’re like me, you’ve been obsessing about Bitcoin for years. The journey of…
THE FIAT DISEASE There is a great sickness in the world that permeates all of life, but nearly all are unaware of it. The great sickness can’t be seen…
Slow down and learn about self-custody.
What are commonly referred to as conspiracy theories are nothing new and date back to Ancient Rome and the plots to kill Caesar. However, such schemes…
FEAR IS A POWERFUL POISON In 1979 the fear machine told us we would soon freeze to death. The well known actor Leonard Nimoy, famous for his truth…
Consequences of Money
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